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Rocky Mountain Electric is a North Dakota-licensed, insured and bonded Electrical contracting Company serving Williston, North Dakota and the surrounding Bakken locations. RME is your premier source for electrical wiring, and professional electrical needs, offering residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.


Williston Electrical Services With the new growth centered around Williston, we understand the need of quality electricians for the many new construction projects along with renovations of existing buildings as building continues throughout the Bakken Basin. Learn More >


Watford City Electrical Services. As the oil construction has increased outward from Williston south to Watford City, it’s important that you hire a trusted Electrical Contractor, who not only is local and can be onsite throughout the entire project, but has a proven track record of providing the highest quality electrical needs throughout North Dakota.


Stanley Electrical Services. Whether you have company warehouse, residential living quarters for workers, or have electrical needs on an existing oil industry structure, Rocky Mountain Electric is based out of near by Williston and can meet the needs of our clients in Stanley.


Tioga Electrical Services. If your company operates out of Tioga, and your in need of a trusted Electrician that can be on site for a residential, commercial or industrial project, Rocky Mountain Electric is merely a phone call away and can be onsite for a consultation as soon as you need.

Interested in working with our North Dakota Electricians and Electrical Contractors? Feel free to contact us anytime or give us a call at 406.581.9903 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with a quick and accurate quote. View the many services we offer and see what others have to say in our references.