Issues with outlets? Maybe not yet… But when it comes to trouble with outlets, a typical homeowner wouldn’t recognize a problem until it’s too late. Unfortunately, by the time you get to the place where your outlets are acting up, you could be putting yourself in danger of a serious electrical malfunction or fire.

So what are some signs that you need to update your outlets?

Signs You Need New Outlet Wiring & New Outlets

There are a few signs you need new outlets.

Hot outlets:
This is one of the most dangerous and telling signs that you need new electrical outlets. A hot outlet indicates that you could be at risk for an electrical fire. Contact the experts at Rocky Mountain Electric immediately if this is the case!

Cracked outlet covers:
Cracked outlet covers let in dust that can harm your electrical system. If you’ve had cracked or broken covers for a while now, contact us today to do an assessment of your home’s electrical system!

Along with these signs, you could need a new outlet for any of the appliances listed below. If your home isn’t wired to appropriately power them, you could experience frequent tripped breakers!

Many older homes don’t have the proper wiring to power a microwave. We see many microwaves located over the stove and connected to exhaust fan wiring. While this may work for a while, it’s a disaster waiting to happen! Rocky Mountain Electric can provide outlet wiring for your microwave to ensure it works perfectly and safely every day.

Portable air conditioners:
It takes a lot of energy to power those portable air conditioners every summer. In fact, many require a dedicated circuit to supply enough power to them! If you use portable air conditioners to cool your home and you’re constantly blowing fuses or tripping breakers, call Rocky Mountain Electric. We can wire a dedicated circuit and outlet to power your portable air conditioner so it can keep you cool without any issues.

Washers and dryers:
Our washer and dryer are probably the two biggest energy hogs in your home. In fact, most require 4-wire circuits and can’t even be plugged into normal outlets! Rocky Mountain Electric can install dedicated 4-wire circuits and outlets so you can use your washer and dryer right away.
With so much occurring on the computer now, it’s important to keep your machine safe from tripped circuits and other potential issues that could lead to a loss of data or, worse, complete system crash. At Rocky Mountain Electric, we can wire an outlet specifically for your computer so you never have to worry about losing what you’re working on when someone plugs in a blow dryer or turns on the microwave!

Hot tubs:
In order to be used safely, hot tubs need to have their own dedicated outlets. Rocky Mountain Electric can wire up a dedicated outlet for your hot tub so you can relax in peace and not have to worry about losing heat, or worse—electrified water!

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