master-electricianA master electrician is the highest level certification an electrician can have. In order to earn this designation, an electrician must not only be licensed by their state, but also complete extensive training and testing as well as meet experience and on-the-job requirements. When you hire a Bozeman master electrician for your project you can be assured that you’re getting the best of the best!

Master Electrician Requirements

It takes time, experience, education, and commitment to become a master electrician. All master electricians must typically:

First be a licensed journeyman electrician:
In order to start training for the master electrician certification, a person must first be a licensed journeyman electrician. That alone requires classroom training, a multi-year apprenticeship, and passing the state or DC licensing exam.

Work as an electrician
Virtually all states require that a person work for several years (four to seven years is common) as a journeyman electrician before starting the master electrician program. Most states require that a person have a diverse work background, in both residential and commercial situations.

Extensive hands-on training is required to become a master electrician in any state. This typically begins with an apprenticeship involving both classroom training and on-the-job training.

Pass a licensing test
After completing all of the other requirements, an electrician candidate for a master designation must pass a state (or DC) licensing exam and pay the necessary licensing fee.

Continuing education
In order to keep the master designation, an electrician must keep up with regular continuing education classes, covering such things as new building codes, new products, and new procedures for handling electrical components.

So… Why Hire a Master Electrician?

When you hire a master electrician, you know that you’re getting service from a contractor that’s experienced, knowledgeable, and fully trained and licensed. Getting and keeping this designation shows this person’s commitment to his or her trade and to doing the best possible job. A master electrician has experience in a wide variety of projects and is able to supervise a team of journeyman electricians, so you can be assured that, even on a large, complex project, you’re getting the best and safest electrical work possible.

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